Happy Tails 2016
Thank you to everyone who adopted a Canine Rescue dog and to everyone whose hard work and support make these happy endings come true!
P. O. Box 129, Dillsburg, PA 17019
LOKI has lots of room to run.  His dad says he's a big loveable baby & he really enjoys playing ball with the grandkids who come to visit.  We also learned that he loves to watch football with his dad and appears to have the best seat in the house!
CASSIDY  "Cassie" (was Dolly) found a great fur-ever family!  Her favorite indoor spot is in front of the kitchen sink.  Cassie loves the outdoors, too, at Yellow Breeches or trying to catch frogs at her grandma's pond.  She is funny to watch as she sneaks up on them slowly, like a cat.
JAX (was Wiley) is excited to have a wonderful new family.  He loves doing laps around his back yard & is keeping his new family entertained!  Recently, two of our volunteers visited Jax & his family.  They said Jax is such a happy puppy!
When CHARLIE (was Choko) isn't napping in style, he gets to go to work with his mom at her salon.  Her clients even bring him toys!
Such a happy day for HOBI to be going home with his new fur-ever buddy!
Some of our volunteers were able to give HARRY a happy send-off to his fur-ever home on his adoption day.  He & his new dad have become great pals!
TOBY (left) is enjoying room to run & play with all his fur-siblings.  A great update we received in August...TOBY passed his Therapy Dog International testing!! Seems he's a natural when he visits hospital patients and now he will get to help as a 'therapist'.  Way to go, TOBY & thank you, TOBY's Mom!
JUNIOR's loved & having fun with his new family.
We heard there is some serious spoiling going on at BAILEY's new home!
DONNA (right) got a fur-sister playmate!
After a long patient wait, TUCKER found a foster home.  But, who couldn't help falling in love with him?  His foster family and fur-sibling, of course!  And now he's officially ADOPTED!
BUBBA (was Murphy) says, 'Thank you, Mom" for the great time he is having with all his new experiences.  He's a swimmer and a camper and a member of a walking club!
SHERMAN (was L.G.) scored a big touchdown when he joined his new family!  They are all having a super fun time (except there's this little thing about shoes........).
What a wonderful way to start 2015.  DECKER was our first adopted fur-kid of the year!
BUDDY (right) (was Jagger) was so happy to join his new family and have a playmate!  We received the update below in August.  Now, that's a pair of cuties!
MUPPET's new mom and two fur-siblings are very patiently helping this blind little girl adjust to her new surroundings.
Smiles for everybody on DUTCHIE's adoption day!!
OREO & BELLA couldn't have found a more perfect family for themselves!
MAGGIE is famous with all the kids at her new brother's school when their mom picks him up everyday!
Double your fun with Canine Rescue...NELSON (right) was adopted in April and his new sister, GEMMA (left) (was Emma) was adopted in August!
Dear HEIDI was adopted by her wonderful foster family.  Thank you to one of our dedicated volunteers!
MALLORY (was Annie) is bringing a lot of joy to her new family and loving her new home!
Beautiful GRETA was so thrilled to find her new people!!
DOMINO was more than ready to start his wonderful new life!
SOPHIE was adopted by one of our volunteers.  She loves playing with her greyhound brothers.
Talk about a happy tail!  SHOTZY loves to dance for treats & play with her two sisters & brother in the back yard!  Her family says she's just what they needed! 
CASPER loves to go camping with his new family.  And he really loves his fur-sibling.  Another foster turned adoption!
PEPPER is so loved and follows his mom and dad everywhere.  His mom says he is perfect for them!  We bet he thinks they're perfect, too!
SPARTACUS (was Scruffy) is his dad's best bud.  He's loved by family & friends & gets many compliments on how handsome he is!
JAX is having a great summer with his new family.  Then it's off to college with his sister!
SADIE (left) (was Perdy) gets to go camping a lot.  She just loves her brother, Neeko, and they share kisses.  What a beautiful pair!
MYA has a wonderful new mom who nursed her back to health after a severe skin condition.  Doesn't she look great!? Check out all the welcome toys she got from people who saw her adoption on Dogbook!
Young SHEVA is doing well with her training.  She gets to stay with her grandma while her dad is teaching at school.
Although MS JAGGER is getting hugs from her mom in this picture, she's actually become a real daddy's girl.  She even gets to ride around in her daddy's Cadillac!  We're hoping they stop by sometime!
It was love at first sight for SAMMIE (was Sandy) and her new dad & mom!
HERMAN & PHOEBE (was Lillie) got to go to the beach this summer with their new dad, mom and sisters.  Wow - is there a lot of puppy love in this family!
TOBY (right) (was Mister) is doing well in his new home & loves his new fur-sister.  His mom said he has his stubborn moments, though!
ELLA & FRANKLIN (was Wrecker) have it made with their new mom!  She loves them so much.
After a long wait, STONEY found his perfect dad and his dad thinks the world of him!  Stoney also said his new digs beat a Karunda bed any day!
AMOS & his family are having a great time.  He never had room to run before.  When he first arrived, he went in & out of the doggie door repeatedly.....just because he could!  As you can see, his sister thinks he's awesome!
SID (was Chumley) really likes his new human siblings and has a fenced yard in which to play!
MAIZY is livin' the good life on an 87-acre farm with two fur-brothers & a fur-sister, a fenced yard, a porch chair she liked immediately and......she sleeps in bed!
WILEY's new dad and mom were looking forward to running, hiking and camping with this handsome guy!
Handsome FLOYD was adopted by one of our fantastic volunteers, who had adopted Francesca from us previously.
Our sweet little PEANUT found her fur-ever home in February and has kittie-siblings!
Beautiful BEAR is having a great time with his new mom and dad taking him on outings!
LITTLE GIRL found her fur-ever home in May with her very own dad.
HANNAH found a family as wonderful as she is!  She loves to play & snuggle with "her boys".
She loves a
good-night story, too...maybe it's the one where she gets adopted and lives happily ever after with her fantastic family.
Sweet Senior ANGEL LEE had her dream come true...she now has a fantastic fur-ever family, a huge fenced yard, lots of trees, a little pond, bunnies & many squirrels!  We owe a great big "thank you" to ANGEL LEE's foster family for providing her a wonderful home while she awaited her fur-ever parents.
ROCKY (right) is double lucky!  He was adopted through Canine Rescue to a wonderful loving mom.  But, a time came when his mom could not give him the care she knew he needed.  So, he was adopted again into a wonderful home with a sister, Lola (left), to whom he has bonded closely.  The two families communicate practically every day and share many pictures.  What a great way for his first mom to keep updated on him!  His first mom also sponsors a dog in our Be-A-Buddy program.  Such a special lady!
Our annual picnic was an extra special September day...GYPSY & DUKE OF EARL were adopted and became fur-siblings!  They now get four-mile walks each day and plenty of brother-sister puppy play time.  Funny DUKE didn't know what his bed was a first, but he has since found out it's all his.  Looks like those new beds come in handy after full day of fun in their new home!
Beautiful EVA (was Sarah) couldn't be more loved by her dad and mom.  She has learned to do well on her walks and is settling in very nicely in her new home.  We are overjoyed that this mom to Royal, Sparky (now Utah) & Twosee (now Winston), and sister to Hannah, has a wonderful new life!
"Picture perfect!"  CHESTER is a great family dog, so playful with his new brother and sister.  And, he's having a blast at the doggie daycare where his new mom works!  What a wonderful family he has joined.  They are keeping his former family, who loved him very much, updated on his new life, making two families very happy!
UTAH (left, was SPARKY) and his new brother, Lenny, hit it off right from the start!  As much fun as it was to watch them in the play yard on adoption day, we can only imagine the grand time they are having at home together.  He loves his walks, play time with Lenny, his new kong toy and is doing well with his commands training.  His mom said he is "a big sweet baby".  He looks like a champion cuddler, too!
ELI has found his fur-ever home with a fantastic mom and dad.  He follows his mom everywhere and really enjoys his walks.  He's going to be spoiled for his senior years.  Aarooooo!
Update from NELSON & GEMMA's mom.... NELSON has become a scholar and shows his mom how to work her laptop.  GEMMA is quite the princess as she loves to ride around in style in a carseat.  Beautiful kids!
ROYAL's parents would tell you not to let this picture from his showing fool you!  He's every bit the 8-month old puppy!  He loves walks on their property and sniffing for critters.  His mom said he has so many toys, their house looks like a daycare.  He loves playing with their granddaughter and is doing well with his training.  
GRACIE is doing great in her new home!  She has two big baskets of toys.  She gets to go to Dauphin Dog Training Club and is doing well with other dogs there.  We're so happy for this girl who came to us in need of much love and attention to heal.
TEMPLAR (left, was Buddy) and his new sister, Reggie, are adorable together!
BELLE (was Bella) follows her new mom everywhere and loves playing ball in the big back yard.  Her new dad said she is so calm, well behaved and smart.  She looks so beautiful and happy, too!  What a smile!!
CHOMPER's new parents say he is awesome and they adore him.  We saw firsthand that he adores his new parents, too.  His dad works from home and said Chomper is his Office Supervisor (shown on duty on his green bed).  It's so wonderful to see Chomper relaxing, playing and at peace.  And, he gets to go camping, too, but when left alone for five minutes..........!  We are all so happy for you, Chomper!
BOOMER's new mom says he's doing fantastic!  He enjoys long walks and naps afterwards.  He and his sister cat, Finn, are becoming best friends. 
SKIPPY (r) and his new brother, Jasper, are getting along famously!  He'll be loved, spoiled and have a great time in his new family. 
WINSTON (was Twosee) is loved & happy in his new home.  As they say, "That's a wrap, folks!"  Now all five of the St. Bernard family members have been adopted.  What a sweet bunch of cuddle bugs they all are.  We are honored to have helped them all find fur-ever homes.
ROSIE (l) and her new brother, Duke, are getting along well!  She has even made friends with her kitty sibling.  Great job, Rosie!
SNOOPY was adopted during Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month and is having a great time playing with his new brother, Benny, who we were told 'doesn't really play'.  Sounds like he needed Snoopy as much as Snoopy needed a home.  Snoopy came to us in pretty rough shape and has healed very well.  Now, his heart is healed, too, with all the loving and spoiling he's getting!  We are so happy for you, Snoop Dog!
DUKE has a fur-ever BFF!  What a perfect match with him & his new dad!  Duke is enjoying his new toys, lap time, sleeping in a big bed, lots of love and going for rides.  His dad says he sits like a perfect gentleman when they are riding around.  Way to go, DUKE!
BRONX is settling wonderfully into his new home.  We think his new mom said something about him being perfect!  
It was love at first sight between MOCHA and her new dad.  This beautiful girl will have a wonderful Christmas in her new fur-ever home!
JAX's mom says he is an amazing boy.  He has learned to be patient when getting fed, is gaining some weight (a good thing), and is a cuddle bg.  He is starting training classes in mid-January.
Our sweet REYAH, who came to us in need of a good grooming, lots of love and serious medical attention, was adopted by her wonderful foster mom.  Reyah finally knows what it feels like to be loved and live inside of a house.
ZEPPELIN (was Miracle, then Walley) is such a loving and gentle fur-baby.  His new family loves him so much!  They celebrated him turning one year old on Christmas day and it played him out!  So precious!
Beautiful ZORI's adoption completed a very busy 2015!  Zori (was Azzura) is being loved and pampered and is settling in well in her new home.  We'd say she sure looks relaxed and we heard she's quite a cuddle bug.  Happy New Year in your new home, beautiful girl!
SOPHIE's new mom says she is such a smart girl.  She and Sophie's new dad are teaching her tricks, which she learns quickly.  They adore their cute little girl!
For more smiles and "awwww" moments,
enjoy a look back at  2015..........
Sweet beautiful LACEY was our first adoption of 2016!  Her new dad and mom adore her.  She's getting lots of walks and love.  We are so happy to see she is a pampered puppy princess!!
Canine Rescue assisted in getting ZOEY placed in her fur-ever home.  She is settling in very well & is her mom's sidekick!  What a beautiful smile!
LADY's new mom says she's a an absolute joy with so much personality!  She gets to walk a lot every day and hangs out on her daddy's ottoman, now that she has realized that she is to big to be a lap dog.
MALACHI was adopted into a wonderful and very active family, which suits him quite well.  He and his oldest human brother quickly became inseparable BFF's.  Malachi gets to join his family on runs every day.  He and his fur-sister are settling in and getting used to each other.  We couldn't be happier for this big beauty that he found his perfect fur-ever home!
TESSA is so loved in her new home.  She is especially a daddy's girl.  She took quite a shine to her fur-brother, Bear.  At first, she wanted to give him kisses 24/7!  Nice to see them enjoying some sunshine together.  We're so happy for Tessa and her great family!
On the eve of Valentine's Day, it is an especially nice time to sneak in a little update we got this week about one of our alumni, ROCKY (was Ciroc), who was adopted in 2013.  Recently, Rocky and his dad welcomed sweet Lola and her mom into their home.  Happy Valentine's Day, Rocky & Lola.  You sure are a couple of awesome fur-kids!
BENTLEY (was Aries) & his new mom are having a great time together.  As many of you know, he is very shy.  But, we are glad to report that it only took him three nights to make his way to sleeping in the big bed with his mom.  How wonderful for this sweet guy!
NEEMA is loving life in her own home with her new dad.  She also loves visits from her dad's friend, who also happens to be one of our very own Canine Rescue of Central PA volunteers!  What a sweetheart you are, Miss Neema.....Congratulations!
TIPPY (l) has added a lot of life to her new home and has joined another Canine Rescue of Central PA alumnus, Lucy, in providing their daddy a lot of smiles.  What beautiful fur-sisters!
PEPPER and her foster mom made Pepper's adoption official in March!  Pepper has really become a mommy's girl.  We thank her mom for loving her so much and making this sweet little girl's life complete with a fur-ever home!
GIBBS (was Buck) is sitting on his new mom's lap while ABBY is close by her side.  These two cuties also got fur-siblings, Rocket (l) and Buddy (r).  Their mom and dad love them so much and they will be spoiled!
TANNER (was Tink) is adored by his new mom and dad.  They think he's the perfect fur-kid! 
Introducing our first "foster failure" of 2016....Shortly after sweet ROXIE came to Canine Rescue, we found out she was heartworm positive.  The treatment required her to be in a calm environment for eight weeks.  Thanks to one of our wonderful volunteers & her husband, Roxie got the treatment she needed AND ended up being officially adopted!  Congratulations to everyone!!
TRIGGER takes a Freedom Ride to home where he gets walks everyday, which his new mom says he loves.  She said this sweet little guy is so affectionate.  Way to go, Trigger!
STUART was more than ready for his freedom ride to his new home.  He is doing so well with his new fur-brother.  Thank you to this wonderful family!
CODY is enjoying three mile walks & lots of playtime with his new mom & dad - how great for our energetic young guy!  His dad calls him 'amazing' & says he's always wanting to sit in his mom's lap.
BJ is doing great in his new home.  This senior runs like a pup in his beautiful backyard.  He LOVES his daily walks, is getting used to be being brushed every day and enjoys relaxing on his three-tier deck.  His mom says he is "all hers".  How wonderful for both of them!
FRITZ gets to spend his days at the family orchard and then play with his fur-brother and fur-sister when they all get home at night.  He has finally found just the perfect life for an energetic working-dog fur-kid like him!
LITTLE D (formerly Diego) is having a great time with his fur-siblings.  His new mom said this senior boy is running around like a puppy, exploring everything in the backyard and playing chase with his fur-sister.
MAZY loves all the walks she gets with her new dad and mom.  She is also quite the pillow stealer when she gets the chance.  And, she has a new playmate!  She loves playing with her new fur-neighbor, a big Great Dane!  She's also doing great with the training that her dad and mom are doing with her.  Yay Mazy!!
JYNX & MICKY are very loved in their new home.  They keep their daddy entertained throughout the day.  Don't they look beautiful after Pet Placement Co-Chair, Peggy Nesmith, took them for a grooming session right before their adoption day.
GUINTHER (was Diesel) couldn't wait to get to his new home.  He is having a great time and settling in to being a wonderful family dog.  We'd say he's quite the doggie model, too....so photogenic!
GUINTHER's mom sent us this picture with a caption that said, "Raise your paw if you love your new home!"  So great!!
CICI is learning to live with three feline siblings. Those who know our dear girl best are trying to picture that right now!  CiCi also gets to go watch her new brother play baseball, even on the chilly days with her snuggly blanket.  We're so happy for you, CiCi!
BENTLEY (l) is a wonderful boy, his dad told us, and he is doing well settling into his new home.  And, of course, he's sleeping in the boys' beds.  Yay, Bentley!
FENRIS (was Buddy) is soooo loved by his new mom and dad.  They say he is listens very well.  They are looking forward to taking him on a short trip to the beach later this summer.
Our very special boy, COLE, was adopted by one of our wonderful volunteers.  Cole is enjoying his new life with a relaxing pool and plenty of fur-siblings - there are more than you see in the picture!  Speaking of the picture, anyone recognize former Canine Rescue resident, Delilah, on the right in the middle picture?  Yes, Cole's mom adopted Delilah, too!  AND, she adopted the beagle kids, Blue & Sarah a couple years ago.  What a special and amazing dog mom!
DEXTER is enjoying the love and security of a great home and fantastic family!
JAKE is having a great time in his new home & surely has a fur-ever BFF!
After a very long wait at the kennel and through the commitment of her foster family, MINNIE was officially adopted by her foster family.  It was easy to see how much they all love each other!
DIESEL and his new dad are best buds.  He's such a happy boy in his new home!
OTIS' adoption was unique & special.  His fee was sponsored by a group of friends in memory of another friend who passed away suddenly.  The family that adopted Otis were grateful for the sponsorship and decided to "pay it forward" as they donated towards another dog's adoption.  What a special way to honor a special person.
Sweet Violet is bringing smiles to everyone already.  She is having a great time with her new mom's grandchildren.  We're so happy for this beautiful girl to have found her perfect people.
We recently got an update from APOLLO & SMOKEY (was Scruffy).  These boys came to us as a bonded pair.  We're grateful to their new parents for keeping them together!  Apollo has become a daddy's boy & Smokey really loves all his toys. They've also appointed themselves to be the neighborhood watch team.  Maybe they're a little spoiled, too?  How wonderful!
PEBBLES was adopted by her wonderful loving foster mom...two very beautiful souls!
DIXIE is feeling like a really lucky girl to have a mom who thinks she's "perfect" and loves her so much!!
BUSTER (was ELMER) couldn't wait to get to his new home and enjoy all his new toys!  He's learning commands & his parents love him!
BO (right) hit the jackpot with a great family, canine siblings and a big backyard for playing!
HAPPY (right) was ready for his freedom ride to join his new parents & canine sister, Midgey.  We heard he & his sister are getting along great & the grandchildren who visit just love him!
CHUCKIE was not with us very long before he went to his new home and is the apple of his mom's eye.  What a cute little guy!
We can't thank this wonderful family enough for adopting SNOOZIE (was Uzi) after the unexpected passing of one of our volunteers.  Uzi was his world and we know he would be pleased to see her happy again.
Happy Tails 2018
Georgia has found not only her people, but a new sister, Luna, as well!
Daisy has quickly made her self at home with her new family! 
Ella & Franklin have found their dream home!
Complete with kitty friends and their
very own wonderful dog walker!

Kade has left the building!
He has a wonderful new home
and human brother to give him
all the attention he needs. 

Maggie has found herself in
her perfect home! She has a bed that's big enough for even her, and gets to go on scenic walks!

Reese has found a home
that was worth the wait!
He is being spoiled by his new 
dog mom and dad, and we 
don't think he could be