Canine Rescue WIsh List​​​
** Imediate needs
Peanut Butter
Pill Pockets
Paper Towels**
Laundry Detergent (dye & fragrance free)** 
Trash Bags
Disinfectant wipes**
Pedigree Canned Dog Food
No sodium/Low sodium canned green beans
Kongs (all sizes)
Pooper scoops w/ rakes
Postage Stamps**
Outside toys, like frisbees and kong balls
   K9 Advantix Flea and Tick (all sizes expecally large dogs)
Frontline Flee and tick (all sizes expecally large dogs)  
Storage ziploc bags (both sizes) **
Dish detergent
Copy paper **
Post it notes, sharpies, scotch tape refills, general office supplies **
Gift Cards for the following stores:
Tractor Supply
Pet Stores
Grocery stores
Lowes/Home Depot
** Needed the most for the month
Amazon Wish List
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Kuranda Dog Beds
Sizes for beds and replacment mats
Small 20X30
Large 45X25
Kuranda Dog Bed Link