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Adoption Process

STEP 1:  Adoption Application

This is a common practice with most shelters and rescues. This is to allow us to get to know your living situation and lifestyle a little better to ensure you and your family are a good match for the dog(s) you are interested in.  You must submit an application before we schedule a meet-and-greet.

NOTE: We typically do not adopt to areas farther than 1 hour travel time from our rescue in Dillsburg.

STEP 2:  Meet & Greet

The pet placement team will review your application. If the dog you inquired about could be a match for you, we'll arrange a meet and greet at our rescue. All members of the household should attend. If you have other dogs in the home, they should come along too.

STEP 3:  Vet Reference Check

On the application, we ask for your vet's contact information. We will contact your vet reference to ensure proper care is being provided to the current/past pets in the home. We will also check with our Medical Committee here at the rescue to ensure our adoptable dog is medically cleared and is up to date on everything.

If you do not currently have a veterinarian, please let us know.

STEP 4:  Home Visit

The final step! We would bring the dog to your home and conduct a home visit. This is to ensure this is a good living environment for the dog. If the home visit goes well, we would complete the adoption paperwork, we would provide you with all the resources you need, and the dog would stay with you!

Adoption Fee

Age 0 to 8: $350 plus tax
Age 8+: $250 plus tax

Bonded Pairs
Age 0 to 8: $500 plus tax
Age 8+: $350 plus tax

All dogs are up to date on all vaccines & preventatives, are spayed/neutered and microchipped

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