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Surrendering your Pet


We aim to maintain the unity of families and their pets. Before deciding to surrender your dog, we encourage you to explore some alternatives to surrender first. There could be a viable solution to ensure your dog's well-being and happiness within the home, potentially strengthening the bond you share with them.

Seek Pet Care Assistance

Owners frequently surrender pets when faced with challenges in providing care, thinking it's the only solution. However, our primary goal is to facilitate the unity of pets and their owners, considering it the optimal choice. If you find yourself contemplating pet surrender due to caregiving challenges, we encourage you to explore the York SPCA's Human Service Programs for Pet Owners. These programs offer support to those undergoing financial difficulties, unexpected crises, or simply seeking assistance in caring for their pets.

Rehome Your Pet

If you've explored human service programs without finding a solution to retain your dog, consider the option of rehoming. This is the next-best alternative for your pet, involving a direct transition from your home to a new one. This approach skips a shelter stay, providing your pet with a smoother, calmer transition, avoiding potential fear and stress associated with kennel environments.

If you don't have a trusted friend or family member to take in your pet, there are additional options. The Petco Foundation provides an online rehoming service called Through this platform, you can create a profile for your pet, allowing potential adopters to view it. You can review adoption applications, meet interested individuals, and finalize the adoption process, all while ensuring a positive outcome for your dog.

Seek Professional Help

If your pet is displaying troublesome behavioral patterns, the root causes can be diverse, and so are the potential remedies. Begin by discussing your animal's behavior with your vet, exploring common triggers, and seeking advice on possible solutions. Certain behavioral issues might stem from underlying health issues, which can often be resolved through veterinary care.

If the behavioral patterns of your pet are not linked to health issues, consulting a trainer is the next step. Regardless of your pet's age, whether they're an adult, senior, or have undergone prior training, a professional trainer can assist in identifying strategies to mitigate or eliminate the behavioral concerns.


If you've explored other options and find it necessary to surrender your dog, please complete the surrender form provided below. We recognize that parting with your canine companion is a challenging and emotional choice. CRCPA adopts a non-judgmental approach in assisting both you and your pet.

To begin, please fill out the relevant form with honesty and detail. Once submitted, a CRCPA volunteer will assess the information and reach out to you to arrange a surrender appointment. Please note that dog surrenders are accommodated by appointment only to guarantee sufficient resources for the proper care of your animal.

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