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We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. We rely on our community to reach our goals. We are so grateful for all of our volunteers and partners!!

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One of our new partners in 2022 is FreshPet.
They have been donating yummy and nutritious food for our shelter pups!

THANK YOU to all of our awesome volunteers who clean, walk, socialize and ensure the shelter pups are up to date medically, are fed and are comfortable each and every day!

Thank you to Reddup LLC for keeping our driveway cleared this winter so our volunteers could get to our pups!!

Thank you to Babs & Alex Varilla who donated a fidge/ freezer to us in 2022

Thank you to Lynda Martin for provided us with a freezer in 2022

Thank you Gifford Pinchot State Park staff and friends for inviting us to the wonderful #Pinchotween event.

Our pups are so lucky! Juice & Java in Mechanicsburg has been donating leftovers of human grade chicken for our pups. It is a joy to watch our dogs getting excited to get their special "gourmet" dinners on the weekends. We can't thank enough to the owner for reaching out to us and regularly supplying us with leftover chicks. It is a huge help for a small non-profit organization like us. Please, if you are in the area, visit Juice & Java to support them. They make yummy food, drinks and they are pet friendly restaurant!
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